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  • 基金投資


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    Fund Investment Includes:

    Leverage Bond Fund, Equity Sniper Fund, Reverse Buyout Fund and PE Liquidation Fund


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    Leveraged bond fund is a closed-end fund underlying bonds with leverage nature invested by NTG. With respect to stocks in the secondary market, the risk of bond related products is smaller. Leveraged bond fund makes use of leverage to achieve amplification of return based on secured bonds. About 20% of funding is raised from self-funds and 80% of funding is loaned from banks in Hong Kong. The fund invests high-interest secured bonds (around Libor+5%) by the spread to achieve approximately 4 times return rates amplified. The investors acquire an expected annual return of 20 % or more.

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    Equity sniper fund is a closed-end fund underlying stocks launched by NTG. The fund is bargain-hunting in the capital market gradually by selecting appropriate stocks (generally undervalued), until accumulating a certain percentage of equity shares of one listed company. When appropriate time, the fund may take a variety of ways to exit, such as selling shares to major shareholders or other market participants, and even obtaining a full takeover of the listed company for further high returns in capital markets. The investors can acquire an expected annual return of 20 % or more.

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    Reverse buyout fund is a closed-end fund launched by NTG with a background of IPO capital market in Mainland China. Given the rush of mainland enterprises in the waiting list for China A-stock listing, it becomes more and more difficult for enterprises. Therefore an easier, simpler and cheaper way arises in Hong Kong. The fund is based on this phenomenon connecting China market demand and overseas market supply. Specifically, it raises funds to fully takeover an existing Hong Kong listed company, and then acquires high-quality assets of the China target company waiting to be listed by issuing new shares (the original shareholders of the target company become the actual controller of the shell company at the same time). Further, the fundamental of shell companies has improved greatly after injecting the high-quality assets into the listed company. Meanwhile the fund shorts the holdings to institutional investors at a certain discount (usually not less than 80%). The investors may acquire an expected annual return of 20 % or more.

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    Private equity liquidation fund is a closed-end fund launched by NTG with a background of PE market in Mainland China. In current PE market in mainland, a cumulative number of projects are about to expire and be cashed. Based on the current situation, the fund will buy quality projects from PE funds at very low prices to assist cashing out. After previous operation by PE managers, these kinds of projects mostly have been mature or have enough time to wait for its maturity. PE liquidation fund takes the place of such projects waiting for the time to achieve successful IPO and then to exit. The investors can acquire an expected annual return of 20% or more.